NYC Agency Employee COVID-19 Screening Tool

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You are being asked to answer this questionnaire in order to determine whether you are experiencing any symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19. This is being done solely for the purpose of protecting your workplace from potential spread of the disease. Any results you get, and/or any directive you receive to stay home, does not constitute a diagnosis of COVID-19, nor are we advising you whether you need to get tested or contact a physician. You can consult CDC and health department website for guidance in that regard. 

Only workers who meet the definition of "Essential" for the purposes of building entry should be applying to enter a DOT workplace. "Essential" for building entry purposes is defined as:
a. Your work is critical for the continued operation or safety of the workplace,
b. The work cannot be performed through telework,
c. No one else in the agency can perform the work in the office instead of you.

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